Sexual Goddess Awakening

Sexual Goddess Awakening

taught by Jessica Louise Li

Course description

Women's Sexual Goddess Awakening Program

6 modules online + 6 live group calls
*includes powerful sexual energy activations

Modules Cover
Week 1: Grounding
-Get out of your head and into your body + love your own body
-Release from the energetic chords of past lovers
-Goddess Activation

Week 2: Conscious Masturbation
-Explore your feminine terrain
-Goddess Activation

Week 3: SEX-Pression
-Free your voice and gain confidence communicating in bedroom to be fully self-expressed
-Draw healthy boundaries
-Goddess Activation

Week 4: Your Orgasmic Ride
-Discover your orgasmic potential
-Break through your blocks
-Goddess Activation

Week 5: High Vibe Living
-Sexify your life with these sacred sex foods
-Transform your environment so that you can attract abundance into your life
-Goddess Activation

Week 6: Become The Right Sexual Magnet
-Attract & expand your sexual match
-Use the dance of the masculine + feminine to amplify your sexual radiance & energy…and for seduction
-Goddess Activation

BONUS: How To Have A Happy, Healthy, Juicy Vagina

6-week online with live calls
"Women's Sexual Awakening Group Program"

Jessica Louise Li
Jessica Louise Li

After her own experience with gang-rape and domestic abuse, Jessica Louise Li now helps couples restore and revive their intimacy. She is the creator of Good Mother, Wild Lover, empowering mothers to live a life of joy, sex and vitality, and she is the creator of Fearless Female Fellatio, teaching women how to master the art of sacred & healing blowjobs. 

Jessica is the co-founder of the Life Of A Power Couple, alongside her fiance Michael Santonato, where couples from around the world create a legacy together through their love, connection and accomplishments.

She is also the founder of The Goddess Syndicate, a powerful group of female entrepreneurs who provide business and personal mentorship to females of domestic and sexual violence in Uganda and Peru so that too can live a life of freedom and joy. 10% of all sales from her programs and workshops go towards the project.

She is an international best-selling author and has been featured in media such as Cosmopolitan, RogersTV and various radio shows and podcasts. Jessica has spoken in front of various crowds, including government organizations about domestic violence awareness and human resilience.

A former raw food chef and personal trainer, Jessica loves spending time with her three children, dancing Zouk, creating healthy meals and hitting the gym.

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