Course Description

Finally, a course that goes far beyond the basic blowjob tips out there!

You're invited to explore how giving your man oral sex can heal him and you, while being divinely pleasurable at the same time. Discover how to become a better giver of head and hear from real men what they really crave!

We Cover:

  • Conscious Masturbation
  • How to heal and energize him with your blowjobs
  • Out-of-the-box, wild positions to give head
  • Sacral chakra activation
  • The 7 major components to a mindBLOWING blowjob
  • Dirty talk to get him hard and wanting you
  • Secret ways to boost your chi or life energy
  • Ways to strengthen your hands for grip and endurance
  • What men reveal they want women to do to their cocks
  • Bedside must-haves for giving great head
  • Creating intimacy between you and him
  • BONUS: Pussy self-care and hygiene (cuz you never know what will happen next!)

Includes videos, handouts and audio recordings.

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Jessica Louise Li

After her own experience with gang-rape and domestic abuse, Jessica Louise Li now helps couples restore and revive their intimacy. She is the creator of Good Mother, Wild Lover, empowering mothers to live a life of joy, sex and vitality, and she is the creator of Fearless Female Fellatio, teaching women how to master the art of sacred & healing blowjobs. Jessica is the co-founder of the Life Of A Power Couple, alongside her fiance Michael Santonato, where couples from around the world create a legacy together through their love, connection and accomplishments.She is also the founder of The Goddess Syndicate, a powerful group of female entrepreneurs who provide business and personal mentorship to females of domestic and sexual violence in Uganda and Peru so that too can live a life of freedom and joy. 10% of all sales from her programs and workshops go towards the project.She is an international best-selling author and has been featured in media such as Cosmopolitan, RogersTV and various radio shows and podcasts. Jessica has spoken in front of various crowds, including government organizations about domestic violence awareness and human resilience.A former raw food chef and personal trainer, Jessica loves spending time with her three children, dancing Zouk, creating healthy meals and hitting the gym.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Watch This Before You Begin (Video)

    • Privacy Policy (PDF)

    • Terms of Service (PDF)

    • Message From Nick Ward from Higher Love (Video)

  • 2

    Priming The Well: Conscious Self-Touch

    • Awakening Sexual Energy Exercise (PDF)

    • Self-Love Activation (Audio)

    • Radiate Self-Love Meditation (PDF)

    • Tantric Sexuality Music (Audio)

  • 3

    7 Pleasure Principles For MindBLOWING Head

    • Preparing for Sacred Connection (Exercise)


    • Cut or Uncut? A Note on Circumcised Penises (PDF)

    • Exercises to Strengthen Hands, Fingers, Wrists, Forearms (PDF)

  • 4

    Positions and Techniques to Give Oral

    • Techniques I (Video)

    • Techniques II-A (Video)

    • Techniques II-B (Video)

    • POSITION: Front Doggy

    • POSITION: The Flip

    • POSITION: Bedside Prayer

    • POSITION: On Bended Knees

    • POSITION: Classic 69

    • POSITION: Side Surpise

    • POSITION: Reverse Bobby

    • POSITION: Side 69

    • Extra Tidbits & Tips (Video)

    • Toys (Video)

  • 5

    Healing and Spiritual Transcendence

    • Healing of Sexual Organs Diagram (Photo)

    • Moving Chi Through Body- The Honey Breath- Solo (Video)

    • Moving Chi Through Body- The Honey Breath- Partnered (Video)

    • 11 Steps To Healing & Extraordinary Blowjobs

    • 14 Ways to Decalcify Your Pineal Gland (PDF)

  • 6

    Talkin' Dirty


  • 7

    BONUS: Pussy Hygiene (Cuz You Never Know What Can Happen Next)

    • Vaginal Self Care and Hygiene (PDF)


    • Pelvic Toner Benefits and How-To (PDF)