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If you’re here it means you are single and probably have been for some time.

Don’t worry its okay. I know what’s going on and you are not alone.

Even though you don’t know who I am yet, I have a pretty good idea of who you are. You’re someone who either:

  • Has been single for a very, very long time, like 4 years or more.
  • Has been single for a few years and hasn’t really been dating much.
  • Is single and tends to meet people occasionally but never quite the right ‘fit’.

Regardless of which person you are, you actually, believe it or not, are in the right place.

It is so great that you came here.

Now I know you might be thinking, “how is it great that I am here right now?”

And the answer is, because you don’t want to be single, you want to be in love with someone. Like, yes you’re single right now, but if you had the choice, you wouldn’t be. You would be with someone, in love, sharing your life together, enjoying happy moments, creating new experiences, being sensual and someone you can cuddle up with in bed at night.

But yet right now, that just isn’t happening. And if you knew the answer to “why”, you’d probably be on a date this very moment.

I know what frustrates you…

1. Family members ask you, “When are you going to find someone?”

2. Friends of your seem to meet people with the greatest of ease.

(Sometimes right in front of your very eyes!)

3. Cute and attractive members of the opposite sex just don’t approach you. (If they do its just for some you know what!)

4. And you go home at night, alone, except for the cat or dog, who keeps you company, while you watch Netflix or play games and keep yourself busy.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. It really doesn’t.

What you don’t know

 does hurt you.

What you don’t know is that someone amazing is out there, waiting and looking for you to be ready. Someone who is your ideal match is out there waiting for you. You just need to do a little work and get on the same level as them so the two of you can finally meet!

(There are more than one of these people actually… More on this in lesson 3.)

I have helped hundreds of people just like you move from single and stuck to happy and fulfilled with someone they love in a great relationship. And those people are very fulfilled. Very satisfied. Very happy. And in love. Some of them have gone on to get married, start families, have children together and more.

This is Shannah and Rich at their wedding, one year after Shannah and I worked together.

What is possible is you, yes you, the very person reading these words, can meet someone and end up with someone who is a great fit for them. I am talking about someone who compliments you, fulfills you, and loves you for who you are, just the way you are.

You might be saying, “Yeah sure. Tall order buddy.”

I know. I know because I did it for myself too. Thankfully, I am a product of my own product.

My name is Michael Santonato and for the past 5 years I’ve been helping frustrated and stuck singles find a great partner and keep a great relationship. I’ve co-authored three books and one of them became an Amazon International Best Seller. That beautiful woman up there, that’s my fiancée. Her name is Jessica Louise Li and her and I are a powerful duo! Together we created something exciting called The Sensational Sex Seminar and we’ve taken that event across North America. We live together with her three kids and work from home to make the world a better place through relationships.

But enough about me, here’s what you’ll get out of this short 5 day course:

  • Begin to set your inner magnet on the right course to attract the right partner
  • Understand the importance of beliefs and why they keep you single and stuck
  • Get Fully Clear On What Limiting Beliefs Are Holding You Back From Having Love Right Now
  • Fix Your Broken Mentality On Dating (You would not believe how many people have a broken/faulty mentality on dating)
  • Realize the past relationships that are choking off your ability to receive love in the present
  • Clear and let go of those past relationships that prevent you from having the love you desire and deserve

In these short 5 days we’ll cover:

  • Your Past Relationships History and How Its Affecting You In The Present
  • Your Relationship Values and Beliefs That Are Out Of Alignment
  • Why Being in a Great Relationship Is So Important
  • The 12 Step Process I Used After Every Break Up To Meet My Next Great Partner and How You Can Too!

The thousands of singles I have spoken to over the years have told me, "I'm single, but I am ready! I'm doing everything I can!" But after we speak, I help them see there are things that are absolutely preventing them from being "Relationship Ready". And that maybe there are a few things they haven't considered fully... These are changes anyone can make and must make to really be ready and attract a great partner and have a great relationship. Once you do, these changes lead to attracting a great partner naturally.

Come and see for yourself.

Here are some results people have shared from being in the course:

The Relationship Master

Michael Santonato

Michael Santonato is The Relationship Master, a man who helps frustrated and stuck singles find a great partner and keep a great relationship. He is a Certified Coach, NLP Practitioner and Time Line Therapy Practitioner through the American Board of NLP and Creatrix Transformational Solutions. Enough with the boring stuff! For the past five years, Michael has shared his specialized knowledge around relationships with audiences all over North America. His international best seller "Sexy Secrets to a Juicy Love Life" and "Single & Stuck: Three Massive Mistakes Women Make in Their 30's" has transformed the lives of many singles in North America. Michael is an accomplished Speaker, Coach and Emcee, for dating events, singles mixers and relationship panels in Toronto. Michael and the love of his life, Jessica Louise Li also created an exciting event called “The Sensational Sex Seminar” which teaches couples and singles how to have an out of this world, extraordinary, off the wall, juicy, delicious, amazing sex life. Michael is regularly invited to speak to thousands of people on the topics of Relationships, Communication and Success. His next book "Find ‘Em& Keep ‘Em: A Guide to Attracting the Right Partner" was released in April 2016 and Michael’s next book “The Honourable Man: An Easy Guide for Today’s Man to Empower the 21st Century Woman” which will be available summer 2017.

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